Some Of Our Works

UI-UX-Portfolio 1


We have designed  Nello a podcast app in such a user-friendly manner which will allow users to operate the app smoothly. We have enhanced the user interface in an exquisite manner. Knowing the target audience we kept the designs very royale and niche.


Designed the complete portal for the client which provides Engine Health Shield and Extended Warranty to two wheeler automobiles. For branding purposes we created posters, banners, pamphlets and indulged in other activities.

UI-UX-Portfolio 2
UI-UX-Portfolio 3


Designed and created the wireframes and prototypes for an app that provided delivery of FMCG products. Designed multiple screens of the app and focused on the UX part as well.

Super Share

Designed multiple screens for a file sharing app. We designed it in a way to make the app very user friendly as per the target audience. We focussed on keeping the app minimalistic and very easy to use.

UI-UX-Portfolio 3
UI-UX-Portfolio 3


For a short video social networking application, it was important to gather information on the experiences of users to understand what features they enjoyed the most about the app as well as any feature they wish the app had. For a relatively young target audience, we kept the UI minimalistic and simple and focused on enhancing the UX part. When users feel positively impacted enough to want to return to a social media site, that site could have a potentially loyal customer.

League of Crusaders

For a multiplayer role based action game, it was important to focus on the characters. We understood the story behind the game and designed the screens accordingly. Focus was high on the UX part, as user retention is the key for the success of the game.

UI-UX-Portfolio 3
UI-UX-Portfolio 3

Aqube Fitness

Designed multiple screens for a fitness app. Since, this was meant to encourage users to adapt to healthy fitness activities, importance was given to the selection of colour scheme and the app was designed in a way to give users a motivation to hit the gym.

Super Neuron

For a brain mapping game, we made the screens have an intriguing look. Since, the user would have to focus a lot on the screen, we selected the colour palette which would allow the users to look at the screen for a longer duration. 

UI-UX-Portfolio 3

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