Super Neuron

Super Neuron
Free Brain Training

Scientifically designed Brain games to exercise your six primary cognitive skills : Attention, Memory, Visual Perception, Mental Flexibility, Problem Solving & Processing Speed in a Fun way. Make Brain training a Daily habit and see the difference in your daily life.

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Free brain game to sharpen your memory.

Free access to all the games of Super Neuron

Neat and Simple Design

Super Neuron has 15+ games.

Super Neuron

Graphs to show the detailed analysis of your brain training performance

Comparison with fellow Super Neuron users based on Age, Gender & Location

Increase your focus with this Application

Points out strong and weak areas of your brain

Become a curator of your own thoughts

This app will help you to train your brain to rewire the neurons in order to increase the productivity, creativity, concentration and decision making skills of an individual.