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Blockchain is creating extra ordinary opportunities for businesses to come together in new ways
POC Development

We help companies to demonstrate the practical application of blockchain based system in any organization. We design MVP with bare features to check viability of business.

Private Blockchain Development

We develop private blockchain network which are set up by network validator, where users hold the power to choose can and cannot to be part of blockchain network and perform transactions.

ICO & Cryptocurrency Development

We specialize in ideation, white paper and lite paper creation, portal development, token development, pre-ico marketing and raising ICO rounds.

Blockchain Consensus Protocol

We build efficient consensus protocols that adhere to as per the functionality of the said blockchain in development.


We build highly effective and usable Decentralized Application for 2nd generation Blockchain protocols.

Exchange & Wallets

Lightning fast secured crypto-exchange and native wallets that are easy to use and adapt for users.

Enterprise Blockchain

Custom Blockchain network solutions for specific business needs using hyperledger and corda.

Specific Blockchain

Native blockchain modded to specific business requirements with customizable block-time, size and other parameters.

Smart Contract

We offer Ethereum based smart contracts and token development for various industries.

ICO development
We offer customized ico development from ideation to launch in just 15 days
Whitepaper ICO is revolutionizing the emerging economic model in the new internet. It is an alternative fund raising mechanism for businesses.
We offer strategic white paper, litepaper development services based which are tailor-made for your business needs.
Portal Development We design and develop web portal which consist all the information about the ICO with great design, important links and marketing content.
Portal consist of features such as account database management, Investor Dashboard, integration of payment process using smart contract.
Token Development We design and make optimum models for cryptocurrency tokens and execute it for the ICO launch within days.
We do design and development of contract based token on public blockchain such as Ethereum.
ICO marketing We run various token sale campaign to target specific investors. We also have expertise in running crowd sale for fundraising.
We market ICO by revamping up the community support through Telegram, Youtube, Reddit, and through other social platforms.
Cryptocurrency exchange development

Development of Customizable and scalable exchange software built by experienced Blockchain engineers with high focus on security, user - experience, connectivity and seamless environment. We build complete, reliable exchange software to facilitate easy and fast transactions.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero etc.
  • Real time Buy and Sell of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more.
  • Deposit via payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal for customers.
  • Transaction fees management for buy and sell.
  • Detailed Report generation on all activities of exchange.
  • In-built analytics to track various activities and user behavior on the portal.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our team has experience across wide range in the blockchain industry. We are working with governments and enterprise to implement blockchain adoption and transformations within enterprise or country. We have expertise in DLT and have experience in many blockchain including Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Ripple, Neo and other protocols. We provide wide range of consulting which includes technical consulting, market research and analysis, Poc & MVP builds, product design, strategy, implementation and integration.

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