IoT Robotics 1

We develop systems capable of providing farmers with information about climatic conditions, crop yields, pest infestation, and soil nutritions which are invaluable to production and precise data which can be used to improve farming techniques over time. We have delivered various projects on smart irrigation

IoT Robotics 2
Home Automation

Check the security cameras from movie theater, or turn the lights off or other connected appliances, off from just anywhere, whether you’re next door or across the world. For home automation we have done projects on smart lighting, energy/water monitoring, smoke/gas/fire detection and remote control appliances.

IoT Robotics 3
Industrial Infrastructure

Smart devices which communicate with each other and aid in asset optimization, production, integration, smart monitoring, remote diagnosis, intelligent decision making and predictive maintenance.

IoT Robotics 4
Health and well being

Real-time health monitoring and improved medical decision based on large sets of patient data. We have done projects on Patient surveillance and bio wearables.

IoT Robotics 5
Autonomous Toy Car

We trained a toy car via a deep neural network to autonomously follow any given path, and react to traffic signs. We used camera to receive video input and each frame of the video is processed through a neural network which outputs a steering angle to control the car.

IoT Robotics 6
Some Projects

We have built Vertical takeoff and landing drone using open source ardupilot platform, virtual office assistant using a passive infrared sensor, Cryptocurrency hardware wallet using BLE. We also have expertise on building fixed wing aircrafts / quadcopter and 3d printer.

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