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    About Monkhub

    Monkhub is a game development company based in Delhi, India which is known for delivering intuitive and highly engaging gaming app development services for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and many other popular platforms. While designing and developing the gaming application for our clients, we use Agile methodologies which involve finding out the requirements of the clients and developing solutions that the customer really wants using a short cycle of work that allows rapid production and necessary alteration as per the client’s specification and requirements.

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    Game Development Process at Monkhub

    We are one of the best game development company in India We are a multiplayer game development company based in Delhi.

    Why Monkhub is Best Game Development Company in India?

    Our main aim is to make things as simple and easy as possible for our clients. We focus on developing user-friendly interface high-definition graphics and stunning game design which will keep the player hooked to the game. Our sole aim is to make the tedious process of game development as easy and simple as possible for our clients. We help build your raw game idea in reality in a very short span of time. Each specification, detail, feature mentioned by the client is paid heed to.
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    Our Game Development Packages

    Confused how to begin the process? Just have a rough idea?
    Don’t worry! We will assist you in every way possible.

    Game Discovery

    One major aspect to define the game flow and show how the game is intended to be. Through our game discovery, we will provide.

    1. Discussion & Conceptualisation
    2. Game Flow Designs
    3. Story Boards
    4. Wireframe / Prototype
    5. Monetization Model
    6. Game Design Document

    We help you analyze the GAME you want to build and that too in a very short span of time


    GDD Development

    Game Design Development (GDD) is an excellent way to define the raw game ideas to a concrete plan. More significantly, it’s a way for you to reference some features or aspects of your game. When you’re working with our team, a GDD provides all team members with a deep understanding of the game’s overview and how it works. Some of the key items of GDD are:

    1. Game Overview
    2. Gameplay Details
    3. Mathematical models around health impact, quest completion etc.
    4. Virtual Economy Design
    5. Character Specifications
    6. And, all other details that is required to be defined.

    Wireframe Development

    Before we start, we define each and every screen and the features / functionalities so that we can see the whole flow of the game application. We understand how important it is to portray the planning for a game through images and structure. We will provide a complete architecture which will include images and all functional elements required to plan and deploy your game. This will enhance your understanding and vision for the game. By creating a wireframe in the beginning we save a lot of rework time during design and development. This reduces costs and time expenses while improving the work quality.

    Games Developed by Monkhub

    We have developed a wide variety of gaming apps which include cognitive games for kids as well as adults.
    Strategy games, action-adventure games, arcade games, hyper-casual games, board games, brain and puzzles, cards games, casino games, education games, fantasy sports games, trivia games, VR games etc. On our platter of games, there’s something for everyone.
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    Action-Adventure Games

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    Arcade Games

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    Board Games

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    Brain And Puzzle Games

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    Cards Games

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    Casino Games

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    Educational Games

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    Fantasy Sport Games

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    Hyper Casual Games

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    Strategy Games

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    Trivia Games

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    VR Games

    Our Portfolio

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      Why choose Monkhub for Game Development?

      If you have an idea for a game application, but you are not too sure about it, then we can help you analyze the game and built it in a very short span of time with the help of the Game Discovery process where we provide:
      These steps will help you to transform your raw idea into a more feasible form. Game Design Development is a way to give a concrete plan and design to your raw game idea. Here the client specifies a few features and aspects of the game to our team which helps them in understanding the overview of the game and its mechanisms. GDD development includes.
      In the process of Wireframe Development, all the features, screen, functions and the flow of the game is very well defined. This will help the team create an architecture that will include all the important functional elements of the game. Wireframe provides clarity and helps in saving a lot of time which is otherwise wasted while reworking the design, it also helps in improving the quality of work.
      Monkhub Game Development Company aims at making the process of Game Development easy, hassle-free for our clients. Fulfilling our client’s requirements is our topmost priority.

      Business Consulting

      We have our eco-system built around games and new technology which helps us further in providing the consultancy towards business in the gaming aspect . With our 360 degree solution, we help in building the game as well as on generating profits through rigorously planned marketing activities.


      Latest Trends

      We have a team of tech instructors and innovators that constantly helps in being updated with latest trends such as AR/VR, 2.5D Games etc. across the tech globe. Our tech evangelists will build frameworks for you which will be best suited to your game.


      Timely Delivery

      We understand the importance of time and with a game frenzy team, we have success in delivering the project as per decided timelines and with complete customer satisfaction. Following agile methodology we assure bug free delivery within record time span as per your needs.

      Our Technology Stack makes us the best in the game and gives us an edge over others which includes

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      Get in touch with us and we will schedule a 30 minutes free call with an expert from our team. You can share the idea you are looking to develop and we will help you with a detailed plan to streamline the process.

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        Yes we do. You can completely rely on our developers to keep your idea safe and private. We will, on completion of the project, hand over the app and the source code to you
        Different smart gadgets are running on different operating systems or platforms and the popular ones are Smartphone: Apple iOS,
        Windows Desktop: PC (Windows), Mac & Linux Online: Browser and Facebook games.
        There are multiple stages that we follow, At first comes the Game Design Documentation phase then we create the WIREFRAMES AND PROTOTYPES following preparing of the effort estimates. The development phase is where we develop and then test the game and make it ready to go.
        Once you entrust a game development project in to the creative hands of our game engineers, Monkhub will be with you till the final stage of publishing your games and deploying it live online

        The tools we use are Unity, Unreal and others

        Yes, you can get an application/game that would work in all platforms. For such development, you need to go for cross-platform mobile development in which our developers use frameworks that are used to develop the main application and then deploy it across your desired platforms.
        Yes we do it depends on the client’s requirement.
        Yes, that is a seperate service we offer within game consultancy
        Again, the cost of the game also depends on its complexity and your preferences. Other contributing factors are the types of graphics used, VFX chosen, etc. To know about the estimated price of your project, kindly send us your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.
        Yes we do provide assistance and we also have a monthly plan for support and maintenance.
        It varies from game to game, depending on the client’s requirement but a simple game takes 3-4 weeks whereas a complex game – MMORPG could take around 8-12 months to develop.

        We use Basecamp, Jira and a few others. We are also open to any other tool that client suggest

        Yes we provide assistance and help you keep your game safe and secured. We have monthly plans for your game’s support and maintenance.

        It’s pretty simple, just contact us or just ping us at [email protected]
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