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A digital storage service for crypto holders to store their coins securely. To be more technical, crypto wallets store private keys which are used to authorise transactions and access the crypto address of a user. Functionality to send and receive cryptocurrencies are also available.We support major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc. The wallet also supports trading of these cryptocurrencies against each other.

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    Our Wallet Services

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    Centralized Wallet Development

    Help your wallet users by safeguarding private keys on their behalf and by ensuring whitelisting of their wallets you enable legitimate transactions.

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    DeFi Wallet Development

    A decentralized finance wallet will help your users by providing a complete control over their DEFI app private keys and funds along with institutional-grade security and ease-of-use.

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    Coin-specific Wallet Development

    We provide from Bitcoin wallet app development, Ethereum wallet development to all other single-currency wallet development,we take care of it.

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    Multi-currency Wallet Development

    Allow your users to store multiple crypto assets at a single place by providing them with a multi-currency wallet that supports variety of different coins and tokens.

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    Mobile Wallet Development

    Mobile wallet designed and cultivated by market-leading features for improved security and user experience.We provide a mnemonics-based mobile wallet for both iOS and Android platforms.

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    Web Wallet Development

    Allow your users to securely transfer, store, and manage their assets with the ease of a web wallet designed with advanced security features, multi-currency support and an easy to use interface.

    How Crypto Wallet Development Help
    Your Business?

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    Safely protect online payments via public and private key

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    Easy to handle cryptocurrency exchange by users

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    Accessible with simple installation with high security

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    Fund transfer without transaction fees

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    Inflation does not alter the value as it remains same

    Why our Crypto Wallet development Services ?

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    Expert Development Team

    Our skilled developers use the prominent technologies like Automatic rejection of Duplicate Payment as a specialized inbuilt feature, which never permits chargebacks. Monkhub’s always look for innovation.

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    Secure process

    Our experts understand your necessity for privacy and security and hence we built a tacitly secure model t get away from the fraudulent or unauthorized users to follow the ownership of coins.

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    Technical Expertise

    We follow the industry regulations over anti-money laundering and consumer protection standards. Our expert technical team use their experience to create bespoken and innovative solutions for our client’s needs.

    Tech Stack

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    Why Us ?

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    Technical Expertise

    Strong expertise in DevOps, Cloud, and Blockchain Infrastructure management.

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    Constant Innovation

    Always investing in emerging technologies to provide the best to our clients.

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    Delivery and Support

    On-time product delivery that can be marketed, and a dedicated technical team for post-development support.

    Let's start your project!

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      Yes we do. You can completely rely on our team to keep your idea safe and private. We sign an NDA before beginning our requirement gathering discussion to ensure confidentiality. We will, on completion of the project, will hand over the project and the source code to you
      When an individual (sender) sends a crypto asset to another individual (receiver), the former is signing off his/her ownership of the coins to the latter’s wallet address. If the receiver wants to spend these coins, he must have the private key that matches with the public address of the receiver
      An individual (sender) sends a crypto asset to another individual (receiver), the former is signing off his/her ownership of the coins to the latter’s wallet address. If the receiver wants to spend these coins, he must have the private key that matches with the public address of the receiver
      Yes you can store any number of cryptocurrencies in a multi-currency wallet. However, the wallet should support the cryptocurrencies that you want to store in it. For example, if you want to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens in a multi-currency wallet, that wallet should be built to support these currencies.
      The security of a cryptocurrency wallet can be fortified by integrating security features like biometric authentication, multisig, two-factor authentication, password-protected access, and more.
      The cost of crypto wallet development depends on the features that you want to integrate into your wallet. However, building a white label wallet requires less development cost and time compared to developing a custom wallet from scratch
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