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STO is a hybrid approach between cryptocurrency ICOs and the more traditional initial public offering they function with the tamper-proof technology that allows us to store and share information in the most secure way involving a decentralized system for the investors in order to trust the financial system.

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    Types of STO

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    Equity Token

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    Asset Token

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    Security/Debt Token

    STO Development Services

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    KYC & AML Modules

    We aid you in your range of regulatory processes and verifying their customers’ identity.

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    STO Development

    Monkhub develops customized scalable blockchain and smart contracts to fit the client and others platforms.

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    STO Exchange platform

    With all the new technologies is possible to build an asset token exchange that complies with SEC Regulations, making all the process safe and legal.

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    STO Marketing

    Marketing helps your STO launch boost up. It is important to make your investors understand what you are opting for so they can be sure and feel secure of their investment in the legal way. Our team of experts help you develop that with their expertise.

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    ETO Equity token offering

    ETO helps all legally registered companies to tokienize their assets and generate some funds in a crowdfunding-like mechanism. Equity Tokens guarantee equity-like rights for all the investors, such as voting rights and dividends.

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    Admin for General Management & Exchange Performance Reports

    A software code that keeps track of price movements of a crypto, buys at low price and sels at high price making profit for the user. We use Strong Security Features ( 2FA, IP Whitelisting, Biometrics Authentication).

    Benefits of STO

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    Automated Dividends

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    Profit Shares Rights

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    Holdings In
    Another Fund

    Tech Stack

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    Why Us ?

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    Technical Expertise

    Strong expertise in DevOps, Cloud, and Blockchain Infrastructure management.

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    Constant Innovation

    Always investing in emerging technologies to provide the best to our clients.

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    Delivery and Support

    On-time product delivery that can be marketed, and a dedicated technical team for post-development support.

    Let's start your project!

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      Yes we do. You can completely rely on our team to keep your idea safe and private. We sign an NDA before beginning our requirement gathering discussion to ensure confidentiality. We will, on completion of the project, will hand over the project and the source code to you
      Security Token Offering involves the issuance of digital assets in full compliance with the requirements of the securities legislation. The laws of the SEC on securities guarantee a profit from investment by investors.
      Smart contract – a computer algorithm designed to enter into and maintain commercial contracts in blockchain technology. It helps by providing the ability to perform secure and confidential transactions without the participation of external intermediaries in the face of banks or government agencies. In addition, such transactions are traceable, transparent and irreversible.How is Security token offering regulated
      STO is similar, faster, and easier than opening a bank account or creating an account on a stock exchange and any Company or individual can participate in STO upon completion of AML and KYC. We comply with all regulatory requirements such as the due diligence checks are at the highest standard according to Swiss law, FAFT, and the EU AML regulations
      Approx 3 months as it involves numerous steps, such as:
      1. Whitepaper drafting
      2. Smart Contract Development
      3. Pre-STO
      4. STO launch for accredited token investors
      5. Testing
      6. Deployment
      It completely depends however – White paper drafting, smart contract development, token creation, security features, STO dashboard, branding campaign, and token issuance are some of the factors which defines the cost of STO development.
      STO provides a suitable platform for utility tokens for the businesses who do not have any .
      STO offers various business benefits, such as:
      1. Less market entry barriers
      2. Greater flexibility
      3. Better opportunities for investor acquisition
      4. More fundraising opportunities
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