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We build smart contracts to cut off your sufferings. Smart contracts are automated computer protocols running on top of a blockchain containing a set of rules under which the parties to that smart contract agree to interact with each other. Monkhub caters to end-to-end smart contract development services customized according to your needs. Monkhub also audits and tests all your products to verify their optimised functionality, making them completely secure to run live.

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    Smart Contract Audit Services

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    Ethereum Smart Contract

    Our blockchain expert team develops the ethereum smart contracts with utmost reliability.

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    EOS Smart Contract

    Opt for EOS platform and experience better scalability, economy, and energy-efficient smart contracts. We customize the deal embedding new functions with zero flaws.

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    Hyperledger Smart Contract

    Highly valued private sector, provides hyperledger fabric to fabricate your smart contracts.

    Benefits of Smart Contract Audit

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    Being self-executable smart contracts leave no spaces for human intervention and counterfiet claims.

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    Consensus Mechanism

    All participants in the smart contract approves the consensus deal and finalizes the immutable digitalized deal.

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    Built on the blockchain platform smart contract deals have distributed data that is transparent & tamper-proof.

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    Hassle-free transfers

    Smart contracts are self-operating and hence have predefined conditions through computerized protocols that execute hassle-free transfers!

    Tech Stack

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    Why Us ?

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    Monkhub provides complete transparency from their end and make is visible and accessible to all parties associated.

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    We make sure full accuracy and provide all details explicitly to make the transactions accurate & automated. The Terms and conditions being extremely important.

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    Ensuring highest level of security is our top priority and the data is encrypted in the most secure form as possible..

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    We design the smart contract in a way that they live digitally and run on software code process the transactions quickly.

    Let's start your project!

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      Yes we do. You can completely rely on our team to keep your idea safe and private. We sign an NDA before beginning our requirement gathering discussion to ensure confidentiality. We will, on completion of the project, will hand over the project and the source code to you
      Smart contracts are versatile tools that can be used to achieve multiple business and growth-oriented goals. The end objective is to streamline your business operations, cut down costs, and improve the bottom line.
      We initiate with gathering the requirements then moving towards Technical. Post that Designing ,Deploy Smart Contract on Ethereum, Upgradation and Technical Support.
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