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Using Blockchain to organize all data transfers of
information with transparency, security, traceability,
decentralization and immutability.

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    Emerging Technical Revolutions

    Our team has experience across wide range in the blockchain industry. We are working with governments and enterprise to implement blockchain adoption and transformations within enterprise or country. We have expertise in DLT and have experience in many blockchain including Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Ripple, Neo and other protocols. We provide wide range of consulting which includes technical consulting, market research and analysis, POC & MVP builds, product design, strategy, implementation and integration.

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    Blockchain Services

    Benefits of Blockchain

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    Greater Transparency

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    Increased Efficiency

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    Better Security

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    Improved Traceability

    Why Us ?

    Monkhub is emerging high in the tech world and is continuously evolving by learning
    from each project .We thrust ahead with our learnings making sure that our each
    new project stands out
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    Technical Expertise

    Our team of blockchain experts have worked with eminent projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain development projects which makes them absolutely impeccable at what they do.

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    Timely Delivery

    Just like the clock never forgets to strike every hour , we never forgot to deliver products on time. Punctuality along with perfection is what we believe in.Including proper communication and building with perfection we keep the deadline ahead of us always

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    Maintenance and Support

    Once its built, we provide you the technical assistance in maintaining it too with our support plans.

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    Cost Effective

    Along with being one of the best we also aim at making each project as much as cost effective for you.

    Case Study

    We believe in reinventing in each new project and to work on each ne has been a great experience for us as well. Here we are sharing some of great experiences and our learnings with you.

    Tech Stack

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      Yes we do. You can completely rely on our team to keep your idea safe and private. We sign an NDA before beginning our requirement gathering discussion to ensure confidentiality. We will, on completion of the project, will hand over the project and the source code to you
      Blockchain works on a peer-to-peer network of consensus algorithm, which makes the transactions trustworthy and protects them from malicious activities of any third party.
      Blockchain technology provides the benefits of faster transaction settlement with improved transparency, security and traceability of transactions. It also improves efficiency of transactions thereby reducing the cost
      Yes , we do provide ERC token services which are – We specialize in creating all sorts of token -ERC 20- The Fungible Token ,ERC 721- Non-fungible Token,ERC 1155- Hybrid Token.
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      Monkhub is digital innovation
      company. We help Small Medium
      businesses to venture backed
      startups in design, product development and revenue generation.

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