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    About Monkhub

    We are a Mobile App Development Company based in Delhi, India who believes in building apps for a better tomorrow and revolutionizing your apps with emerging technical solutions. We are a mobile app development company that helps in building mobile apps from scratch by formulating optimal plans as our client’s specifications and requirements from the very beginning of the process with the use of the latest emerging technologies to build a customized and cutting edge mobile application for our clients.
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    What Type of Mobile Aapplications do we Develop?

    We are a mobile app development company deals in Android app development, IOS app development, Hybrid app development for both Android and IOS phones, and mobile app designing. We have expertise in developing mobile applications using various emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR and IoT . We believe in using the best of all the latest technologies in order to create an efficient app with reliable and intelligent technologies Our team of experts from the industry works meticulously on every single detail of the application to make it interactive and user friendly.
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    Our Mobile App Development Services

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    iOS App

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    Android App

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    Hybrid App

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    Mobile App

    Build Solution

    From Scratch

    We are one of the best App Development Company in India and we have developed a wide variety of applications with the help of our team of experts. Here is a list of some of our work

    Mobile App Development process at Monkhub

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    The Analysis is the very first step that we take in the process of app development where we lay emphasis on gathering the necessary information and gathering and understanding all the requirements, specifications mentioned by our clients. This is followed by the process of competitive analysis where the strengths and weaknesses of the app are tested against that of the competitors. Once all the necessary information is gathered and thoroughly analyzed our team of experts proposes a viable solution for the purpose of app development to our clients

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    The analysis is then followed by the process of Designing the mobile application where our team of experts lays out an information architecture layout that would be followed throughout the process of app development. Wireframing and Prototyping are done to test the efficiency and functionality of the application in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources in the future which would be caused in the process of reworking the design if things don’t go as planned. This is followed by preparing a design layout for the mobile application

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    Once the designs for the mobile application are finalized our team of expert developers moves towards the process of developing the app. The first step in this process is coding the application. Followed by making a layout for the main sections of the app which is then sent to the client to collect their feedback on the same.

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    After receiving satisfactory feedback from the clients the application is Tested for its efficiency after which the application is rendered bug-free by the team of developers and then the application is sent back again to the client for final approval.

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    The developed mobile application is then deployed in the next step and published on App Store and Play Store as per the client’s specifications, it is then deployed to the client’s server, the ownership of the application is transferred to the client and finally, the app is made available for the end-users.

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    Support & Maintenance

    Monkhub is an Andriod and IOS app development company that provides its clients with support and maintenance services for the application developed by them. Quality assurance and Bug Fixes are done from time to time, technical assistance and updates are provided.

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    What makes Monkhub the best app development company? Why should it be your ultimate choice?

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    Agile Methodology

    Monkhub is an IOS app development company that uses Agile methodology which is a practice that promotes continuous improvement, development, and testing of the software throughout the life cycle of the project. The Agile methodology is used by the Monkhub team to build better interpersonal relationships with the clients and aim at getting better results with each project undertaken.

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    360 Degree Solutions

    We use 360 Degree Solutions where we build, design, develop, deploy, test, provide support and maintenance, create market launch strategy, and any other service required by the client are provided by the Monkhub team we are a one-stop solution for all mobile app related requirements.

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    Secure Deployments

    We believe in providing Secure Deployments, all required measures and steps are taken in maintaining the security of the app while deployment. Complete security and transparency are maintained so that the app does not face any issues in the future.

    Our Portfolio

    We are one of the best App Development Company in India and we have developed a wide variety of applications with the help of our team of experts. Here is a list of some of our work

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      Yes we do. You can completely rely on our developers to keep your idea safe and private. We will, on completion of the project, hand over the app and the source code to you

      There are three stages in our mobile app development process: The first stage is of planning in which we, after understanding your business and your objectives behind developing a mobile app, will wireframe a solution. The second stage is the design and development stage wherein we will create designs, character models (2D or 3D), sound effects and will test and remove the bugs and errors in the app, if any.
      The third and final stage marks the launch of the app followed by the marketing of the app.
      Again, the cost of the app also depends on its complexity and your preferences. Other contributing factors are the types of graphics used, sound effects, the platform chosen, etc. To know about the estimated price of your project, kindly send us your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.
      From 3-4 weeks till 9-10 months , it totally depends on the complexities of the app
      At Monkhub, we provide native mobile app development solutions on iOS and Android. We also offer hybrid/cross-platform mobile app development solutions on HTML5.
      Yes, of course. You can either partner with us to develop an app right from the beginning or just to enhance the functionality of your app. You can avail our mobile app development services entirely or individually in either form. In any case, we promise to deliver high-quality apps.
      Yes we provide assistance and help you keep your app safe and secured. We have monthly plans for your app’s support and maintenance.

      We use Basecamp, Jira and a few others. We are also open to any other tool that client suggest

      A tablet has a higher screen resolution and size in comparison to a Smartphone. The only effort required in tablet app development will be the adjustment of screen resolution.
      Each of our mobile app development projects is allocated to one of our experienced project manager. He always keeps communicating with the clients during the working hours via Skype, email and phone and acts as a single point of contact informing our clients about the progress of their projects.
      Yes, our highly expert tech developers will assist you in converting your idea into a reality and they will also help you in improving upon them.
      We have professionals who are experienced in the marketing and submission processes and they will guide you smoothly through the entire procedure. We use official and unofficial app stores, In-app promotions, direct advertisements via social networking sites, analytics tools and several other methods to promote your app.

      It’s pretty simple, just contact us or just ping us at [email protected]

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