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Your brand is like a puzzle. It has many parts that all fit together to make the complete insight that people have about your company. So building your brand identity starting from the initial stage in social media can be a test. It’s always good to choose which platforms you should use to create excellent campaigns; this will help get your brand’s name on top. 

Rebranding your business is a difficult task and includes choosing another name. It is like keeping aside outdated parts of your business and again thinking to rank your business in a commercial centre. All that work you’ve done should be redeveloped. You’ll need to begin from scratch, which presents massive challenges. 

As social media turns into an integrated and fundamental part of a business’ marketing system, it’s essential to ensure that when you rebrand, all your corporate social media efforts are grown to the new brand. 

When a company decides its image or plan of action is no longer resonating with its customers, the game-plan is to skip the old ways and start new. But it looks so more natural to do than it is to perform, and the odds of failing are high. Not to sugarcoat it or whatsoever.

While the proximity that social media gives an enormous advantage to organizations as far as making and circulating a hyper-controlled narrative, it can blowback if they’re not stepping. People can get angry when they no longer perceive the brand they once followed.

How to Rebrand Your Social Media: Checklist

Here are the most significant things you must know to rebrand social media for your business:

Step 1. Change Name and Username of Facebook Account

While rebranding your Facebook, you must change both the name of your page and your username.

The Facebook page name permits 73 characters.

But what occurs if your new brand name is already used? You may need to play with dashes, spelling, and word plans.

As far as your Facebook username, you have 50 characters to work with. Ensure the name of your page and your username are very comparative, if not the same.

This will make your new brand name simple to remember. 

Step 2. Handle LinkedIn 

About media rebranding, LinkedIn is very tricky. Even if you’re an organization page admin, you can roll out minor changes. This is because organization pages influence the social media profiles of present and previous employees. This bodes well, yet it’s frustrating. Your only option, now, is to make a different organization page. 

Step 3. Plan Beforehand

Ensure that all your new graphics, pictures, tone of voice, or anything that marks up your brand image are ready and custom-made for each social media channel. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all has their own rules like image sizing and text limitations, so you have to confirm that all cover photos, profile pictures, and brand messaging modified to fit each page.

Remember that consistency is the fundamental aim of rebranding. That is the reason having all new rebranded material arranged and prepared will guarantee that you’re delivering a strong message and not producing confusion for leads. 

Step 4. Keep up a Solid Alignment

Social media isn’t the primary touchpoint of collaboration with your clients; you most likely use blogs, email marketing, and your site for communication. Each channel and its benefits must be lined up with your rebranding efforts. If you have all networks ready for the launch, it will guarantee a strong brand character that sticks in prospects’ or clients’ minds. 

Step 5. Enhance your new design for social media

The previous time when your business rebranded, it was before the period of social media. 

So, many of your logos, textual styles, and other design choices weren’t optimized for social media; when social media went along; your business presumably forced its plan stylish to fit into your social media platforms.

Right now is an ideal opportunity to make a sharp new design aesthetic that is optimized for and synergistic with modern-day social media awareness. 

Step 6. Attract your Social Media Audience at Each Stage 

Many individuals can be resistant to change, and these feelings will run among your fans. To create a transition engagement technique that educates and proves your audience how and why your rebranding system is going to take your business higher than ever. 

As you rebrand, it’s essential to recount to your rebranding story again and again over an assortment of social media to guarantee it sinks in and starts resonating with your viewers. 

It’s essential to have continuous, direct collaborations with your social-media audience all through the rebranding your business. If you do this, then set up to address all your questions and as expected to give a response to your followers who review your rebranding effort. 

Step 7. Listen to Rebranding Feedback on Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the quickest and most insightful approaches to assemble feedback about for all intents and purposes anything, so when you rebrand, you ought to listen to your audience than ever.

Even though your audience might be harmful and perilous of your rebranding, they additionally may give you recommendations and thoughts on how to tweak and improve your rebranding technique. 

Step 8. Divert Social Media Links 

If individuals are looking for your old organization name, a redirect will guarantee that they’ll have the option to find your new one. 

Make sure to sift through your site, blog, email newsletters, and other marketing surety for social media links. Setting up redirects can be awkward, so now is your opportunity to ensure each link works. 

Use a tool like Google Webmaster Tools to check for broken links and ensure your webpage is up to your standards. 

The last activity is to look for your old organization name. Check your redirect links once again to ensure there is a make way from the old name to the new one. 

Step 9. Find potential pitfalls in advance

Social media run on third-party platforms, which imply ensuring your platforms can be adjusted to reflect your new brand identity. As you decide on another business name, you need to ensure you can get a matching Twitter handle to deal with for it.

Last Thoughts 

Social media offers organizations a rich, multi-layered platform on which to feature a rebranding effort. By following the steps above, your social platform audience will be bound to support the rebrand.

Since 85% of business decision-makers said at any rate one social media channel is significant when settling on business innovation buy decisions, your social networks must be set up for the rebranding keeping your leads.

Advertisers spend lots of energy to gain followers, so it’s urgent not to lose any as you relaunch your new brand. 

To take full advantage of social media, make sure to do the following: Plan and plan about pitfalls ahead of time, advance your media rebranding with your social media audience. Try to get your workers associated with the rebranding effort and listen to the feedback you get from social media. 

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