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Supervised learning

This is typically done in the context of classification, when we want to map input to output labels, or regression, where we want to map input to a continuous output. Common algorithms that we implement in supervised learning include logistic regression, naive bayes, support vector machines, artificial neural networks, random forests, and ensemble models such as extreme gradient boosting.

Statistical Modelling

We make meaningful models for a range of specific tasks such as financial asset valuation, market research, demand and sales forecasting, and financial analysis among others, using modern software tools.

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Deep Learning

Our deep learning experts can help you with using this technology to lay the groundwork for future business strategy including details on state of the art products/services. Our core stack includes Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Recurrent Neural Networks.

Unsupervised Learning

We use unsupervised learning in situations where the data is not labeled, to perform an exploratory analysis using clustering methods such as K Means Clustering, or reduce the dimensionality of the data using PCA, and autoencoders.

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Data Mining

We provide industry-specific data mining services ranging from real estate, insurance, healthcare to finance, manufacturing and law firms. Our methodology encompasses gathering the data set requirement from the client, sourcing & collecting relevant data, output the data in the client’s required format, perform quality checks and deliver the final data set to the client.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive models provide accurate forecasts and reliable business projections to organizations who partner with us. We leverage the potential of modern predictive analytical tools to generate detailed insight and augment intelligence into business areas that reap maximized ROI and utmost productivity and profitability. We build these predictive models using supervised / unsupervised learning techniques based on the problem description at hand.

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How Do We Work?

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We define and review the objectives, research on it, conduct data mining on the concerned project for anticipating future goals and recommendations

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We extract and analyse the data and using statistical techniques we convert the massive raw data into a manageable data set to work on which helps in discovering the data patterns and relationships.

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We run numerous experiments on the model. We debug, analyze and tune the algorithms in the model. After that we pick the appropriate AI and ML Algorithm then test and examine the model.

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Deploying and integrating the model with an interactive web interface to access the model functionalities with safety.

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Model retraining and updating

Model monitoring, maintaining and updating ensures the credibility and reliability of our model for the desired task

Why Us?

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We believe in a Data driven approach so we analyze each and every aspect related to a project and conclude a decision on the basis of the data available to optimize our expected result

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Dedicated experts

We have a dedicated, organized team of AI & ML experts, programmers and engineers who will assist and support you in facing the obstacles in the competitive market and delivering exceptional results.

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Result Driven Approach

We believe in delivering the finest results with the available resources and hard work efficiently.

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Timely Delivery

We serve our client’s with on-time delivery, ensuring the best results with customer satisfaction.

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Integrity and transparency

We encourage mutual honesty and clear communication amongst all the clients which helps in achieving our end goals and client retention.


Our Portfolio

Designed and created the wireframes and prototypes for an app that provided delivery of FMCG products. Designed multiple screens of the app and focused on the UX part as well.

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Designed the complete portal for the client which provides Engine Health Shield and Extended Warranty to two wheeler automobiles. For branding purposes we created posters, banners, pamphlets and indulged in other activities.

We designed Nello, a podcast app in such a user-friendly manner which will allow users to operate the app smoothly. We have enhanced the user interface in an exquisite manner. Knowing the target audience we kept the designs very royale and niche.

Designed multiple screens for a file sharing app. We designed it in a way to make the app very user friendly as per the target audience. We focussed on keeping the app minimalistic and very easy to use.


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