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About Monkhub
We make connection between Technology, Design Thinking, Inventive Engineering, Creativity and Analytics to uncover the solutions every business needs. Our goal is achieve positive Business outcomes.
Rapid Prototyping

We develop Minimum Viable Product in short period of time which solves some problems for users and validate business ideas.

Digital Transformation

We look to disrupt traditional business models and help companies with design, product and growth integration and create a great customer experience.

Business Growth

We help businesses scale up by finding product-market fit and achieving repeatable, profitable and scalable Growth Models.

We have expertise on innovative technologies


With our expertise on Blockchain, we help companies to demonstrate the practical application of blockchain based system in an organization.

AI and ML

Many of our engineering products are drawn a lot from applications of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Robotics and IoT

We make customized IoT devices and Robots for any specific application by designing, prototyping, building, programming and testing.

AR and VR

Our team combines expertise of Unity 3d, App Development and Game Designing to create an exhilarating technology experience.

Our goal is to achieve positive business outcomes.


Technology Competence

We are always learning latest technologies and provide solutions in multitudes of domain.


Execution Focused

We have delivered more than 100+ projects across 10+ countries world wide.

Some of our Works


We are dedicated, mindful and focused at our work.

We work day and night just like monks to provide best possible services for clients.

We see opportunities where other sees constraint. Our ethics are hard work, integrity, and mindfulness like Monks, which lead us to achieve the highest form of productivity.

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We believe the blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. We are constantly learning every aspect of this revolutionary technology which could be a mechanism to bring everyone to highest degree of accountability. Our range of services include from private blockchain development, ICO development and Growth, Cryptocurrency exchange development, product and market analysis and Consulting.

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We are always experimenting on unsupervised learning techniques, general adversarial networks, or similarities between learning representation of a neural network and human brain. Many of our engineering products are drawn a lot from applications of Machine Learning for computer vision and Deep learning. For AI, we provide wide range of services for Prediction and recognition domain.

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AR/VR and Games

We like the idea of users immersing in augmented or entirely new world. We are experimenting with the new SDks and technologies to create experiences that mimic feelings our brain expect in certain situations and allows user interaction within the environment. We offer services for custom AR/VR apps and game development.

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Custom Application Development

We offer a structured programming standards, guidelines and best coding practice for custom application development on web and mobile platforms. We offer web and mobile application development with outstanding user experience in multitudes of domain such as E-Commerce, marketplaces, edtech, fintech, media platforms, fashion, travel, real estate, consumer internet, SAAS and many more.

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UI and UX

We use analytical thinking, design thinking, creativity and result oriented approach to deliver experiences and interaction with the application. We also have a background in behavior and persuasive design which helps us to decrease the friction for users in using the application. We provide services in interaction design, experience design and consulting for various domains.

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Growth and Digital Marketing

We use digital as a medium to help companies scale up. Our most effective strategies are designed to grow revenue. We help businesses scale by looking for evidence of product-market fit and finding repeatable, profitable and scalable growth models. Our strategies are designed to be present at your user’s discovery, consideration and evaluation process. At every touch point, we connect with your users through social, web, product, email and combinations of channels.

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